Resources for Personal and Cultural Evolution

Mission Statement

HeartPower Press is committed to offering resources to support personal and cultural evolution. We provide tools that invite introspection, dialogue, authentic relationship and community, and contribute towards soul-centered living in a sustainable world. We provide books and materials written from the heart to the heart, addressing the needs of the growing population of Cultural Creatives for a healthy, meaningful, integrated life in these quickening times.

We have a special interest in spiritual perspectives on gender, relationship, sexuality, social transformation, self-care and the Earth that serve to guide our journey into new paradigms.

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About Cultural Creatives:

Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson defined this demographic segment in their book The Cultural Creatives. According to their research, Cultural Creatives make up 26% of the population in this country and 50 million people. This demographic segment is growing with time.

Cultural Creatives are:
buyers of art, music, books, videos and magazines
radio listeners more than tv watchers
literate and discriminating
big consumers and producers or arts and culture as artists and writers and go to readings, showings and workshops
experiential consumers--they invented the "experience industry" which sells enlightening experiences rather than "things"--psychotherapy, weekend workshops, personal growth experiences, spiritual gatherings
on the leading edge--educational, authentic, altruistic and/or spiritual
holistic--they are the innovators in and strongest consumers of personal growth books, alternative health care and natural foods--they believe body, mind and spirit need to be unified
community-oriented and relationship builders
authentic--leading the rebellion against plastic, fake, poorly made, and throwaway products
interested in quality, leading edge products
concerned with the big picture