Apprenticing with Linda Marks

Many people want to study EKP for both personal growth and professional practice.  From 1990 - 2001, Linda ran a 3-year, 1000-hour apprenticeship training program, which offered certification as an EKP Body Psychotherapist.  The combination of being a mom to a young child (born in 1996) and then a single mom (1998) required Linda to pull back from the demands of apprenticing therapists in an intensive program.

Linda began apprenticing EKP therapists again in January 2006, using a new weekend-based model.  The apprentices meet once a month for four years, with supplemental experience in retreats and workshops.  The first two years build a foundation in EKP skills, concepts and practice.  The first year, apprentices learn EKP concepts, tools and skills, practicing with one another.  The second year, apprentices study a body-centered model of developmental psychology and continue practicing with one another.  The third and fourth years are clinical years. In year 3, apprentices see guest clients in a training group setting.  In year 4, apprentices work with clients 1-on-1 and attend a supervision group to review their work.

The next EKP apprenticeship group will start in September 2010.  Those interested in apprenticing might enjoy participating in one of the January or February programs or other programs scheduled between now and September 2010.

If you would like to apply for the September 2010 apprenticeship program, contact to request an interview and application form.

Linda is currently working with Dan Cohen to incorporate some Family Constellations work into the training program.

Apprentices also participate in the annual EKP Cape Cod retreat in November and are eligible to participate in all Healing the Traumatized Heart half-day workshops in Newton.

The apprentice team also participates in the Spirit of Change Natural Living Expo, which is the last weekend in November.

We try to provide both "out in the world" workshops and experiences as well as "in house/classroom-based" study.

If you are interested in apprenticing in EKP, please contact Linda at

Linda Marks, MSM has practiced body psychotherapy with individuals, couples and groups for nearly twenty-five years.  She is co-founded the first state professional association for body psychotherapy in 1988, and is author of  HEALING THE WAR BETWEEN THE GENDERS: THE POWER OF THE SOUL-CENTERED RELATIONSHIP (HeartPower Press, 2004) and LIVING WITH VISION: RECLAIMING THE POWER OF THE HEART (Knowledge Systems, 1988).  She holds degrees from Yale and MIT.  Linda can be reached at, or (617)965-7846.